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Titan Partners leads the accounting sector to the cloud

While the cloud accounting software category flourishes, accounting firms have been slow to adopt cloud technology in their own businesses, with most still favouring on-premise servers. Sydney-based accounting firm, Titan Partners, is breaking this trend and has partnered with ITonCloud to run its IT completely from the cloud.

Titan Partners is running its whole business using ITonCloud’s proven cloud desktop platform. Programs for email, data, practice management, business applications and all client accounting software all effortlessly integrate and are easily accessed in the cloud using a web browser.

ITonCloud CEO, Andrew Tucker, said, “By using our cloud desktop platform Titan Partners’ employees can access their desktops and applications from any internet-enabled computer or mobile device with absolute security and speed. Titan Partners does not have to worry about any upgrades, maintenance or even backups, it’s all done automatically without any downtime for the users.”

“The number one concern we find accounting firms have about using cloud technology is migration and the potential disruption to their business. Because of the amount of data they store and the complexity of different accounting software applications, and their various versions, the IT environment for accounting firms is intricate.”

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