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The next evolution of the cloud will see businesses say goodbye to their servers

Cloud computing has made a major impact on the way we do business. As cloud technology has matured, both security and reliability have improved, giving businesses more confidence in utilising the cloud for their mission critical operations.

Applications like accounting software, file sharing, ERPs, file storage, project management and CRMs, have streamlined operations, and in some instances become commonplace. The next stage of widespread cloud adoption will see businesses with their entire IT environments in the cloud, including files, email and applications.

This trend is resulting in a decline in businesses utilising on-premise servers, especially small and medium sized enterprises. In fact, according to research from the International Data Corporation, global IT hardware budgets for on-premise infrastructure are expected to decline by 4 per cent in 2016, as service providers and enterprises move to the cloud.

What is driving cloud adoption?

The main drivers behind moving to the cloud are the cost benefits, increased agility and mobility, plus simplified IT infrastructure. Businesses no longer have to host, update, maintain or backup their IT environment, eliminating the need to invest in on-premise servers, expensive hardware and support costs.

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