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ITonCloud in the Legal Sector

ITonCloud has years of experience in delivering practice and document management applications in the Cloud to the legal sector.

We understand the importance of having your legal applications, email, data and Microsoft office accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world, fast and securely. Knowing that we run multiple backups, including off-site backups, and data synchronisation between our two Australia-based data centres offers you the peace of mind necessary to concentrate on your work.

ITonCloud has been delivering for years a trouble-free, cost-effective, fast and predictable IT solution in the cloud that just works for the legal industry.

The IT challenges for the Legal sector

  • High CAPEX cost for server and IT infrastructure.
  • Meet the Australian data privacy requirements.
  • Quick start up for new office or project/client locations.
  • Mobile access to all your practice management applications from the office, client sites or home.
  • Predictable cost structure for IT Services.

The ITonCloud solution for the Legal sector

  • No requirement to purchase servers or IT infrastructure.
  • All data is stored in Australia to meet regulatory and privacy requirements including long term backups and data retention.
  • Add users same day, provide robust access from any office computer or mobile device.
  • We provide your staff with fast access from any location.
  • Pay per user, all support and management is included in the monthly user fees.

We consistently deliver superior service, outstanding value and unprecedented IT performance unmatched in your industry.


  • Fred Cicchini

    For us it was about finding a partner that could grow with us

    Fred Cicchini - CEO Injury Treatment
  • ITonCloud genuinely care about our day to day needs

    Tony Hartin - CEO Refuelling Solutions
  • It just works.. that’s what you want from a cloud based system

    Matthew Parsons - CFO Minitankers
  • Alex B

    The support service for ITonCloud is wonderful... Thank You

    Dr Alex B - CEO Manufacturing/Distribution

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