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Is Infrastructure as a Service the right choice for your business?

Many cloud companies provide Infrastructure as a Service, which is great if your business is hosting websites which you need to scale up or down.

For a typical company office environment however, you may have Line of Business Applications which are crucial to your business.

In this instance, IaaS services may not offer much advantage over having an in-house system except the data and servers are stored in a Data Centre.

IT on Cloud or Infrastructure as a Service is suitable for your business?
Feature Comparison IT on Cloud Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure
Automation Features
Web Interface to build an entire Hosted IT in minutes Only to build servers Only to build servers
Zero Touch Server Management
Email system is fully integrated 3rd party integrated Build your own or 3rd party
Price is fixed based on what you order Potential Bill shock, some services paid by metered usage Potential Bill shock, some services paid by metered usage
Data Stored in Australia
Local Australian Support
Direct access to infrastructure team
Free Setup Included
Data Migration Assistance
No Server at the office
Connectivity to Services
Connectivity via Internet
Private WAN Connection Available
Unlimited Email Support
Unlimited Phone Support
Migration Services 3rd Party 3rd Party
Australian Based Support
On-Site Support 3rd Party 3rd Party

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