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How to share large files from IT on Cloud?

ITonCloud is proud to deliver a world-class hosting platform to our clients and we want to remain proud by continually enhancing our service to you. As such, we take suggestions seriously and have recently implemented a new service, (accessed via this portal) – based on these suggestions.

Every user of the Internet is well aware of services like Dropbox, box.net, filemail and others. More and more competition in this space is emerging, including Microsoft’s SkyDrive, Google’s GDrive and Apple’s iCloud. Each of these services offers a synchronisation system that keeps all your devices up to date in real time.

ITonCloud is proud to enter the segment with it’s own offering based on free open-source software from OwnCloud. Being open source means ITonCloud can give you worry-free, low-cost file storage, sharing and syncing to almost all your devices, with the data stored in Australia.

If you are an ITonCloud customer already, this file sharing solution is a free add-on for all Virtual Managed Desktop users.

Download the synchronisation clients here: