We provide fast secure access to your business applications anywhere from any device. It is cost effective, fully customisable and hassle-free.

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ITonCloud in the Distribution Sector

ITonCloud has the years of experience required to implement all your line of business applications including stock control, logistics and accounting systems. We have experience in deploying all the most commonly used applications in your industry, delivering them effectively and efficiently to your desktop as well as handheld or portable devices.

Having order processing applications, including those that are custom developed, all on one desktop has helped reduce costs and improve productivity across the board.

Uptime, speed and the knowledge that their data is safe is the reason why so many companies in your industry have chosen ITonCloud. At the end of the day, you want to know that you have a trouble-free, cost-effective, fast and predictable IT solution that just works.

The IT challenges for the Distribution and Warehousing Industry

  • Ability to run integrated stock control or logistics applications from the warehouse, the office or mobile delivery vehicles.
  • Access to centralised warehouse data from multiple locations for realtime information.
  • Support for sales staff with mobile devices.
  • High CAPEX cost for server and IT infrastructure.
  • Predictable cost structure for IT Services.

The ITonCloud solution for the Financial and Accounting sector

  • We can deploy custom warehousing and stock control applications with integration to mobile delivery vehicles.
  • We work with your existing software vendors to provide an integrated solution.
  • We provide your staff with fast, user friendly and robust access from the office or mobile device.
  • No requirement to purchase servers or IT infrastructure.
  • All support and management is included in the monthly user fees, you only pay for what you use.

We consistently deliver superior service, outstanding value and unprecedented IT performance unmatched in your industry.


It just works... that’s what you want from a cloud based system

ITonCloud genuinely care about our day to day needs

The guys have delivered what they promised

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