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Desktop cloud fuels productivity benefits and boosts the bottom line

How much does your IT set-up cost you every year? It’s a simple fact that most of a business’s IT expenditure doesn’t directly contribute to the bottom line. In fact, it’s estimated that between seventy and eighty per cent of the annual IT budget is spent on maintaining productivity applications, server rooms and line of business applications such as ERP and CRM.

None of that budget will give you a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.

In many ways, maintaining an IT infrastructure in-house is a similar effort to generating your own power and water supplies on premise. No one does it, and for good reason: it’s possible to get better service and greater uptime from these generic products by outsourcing them than it is from doing it yourself.

That’s why cloud computing is such a compelling offering compared to DIY IT. By outsourcing productivity, server room and line of business applications, your organisation can redirect funds to activities that will create a competitive advantage and boost the bottom line.

It used to be that cloud was limited to either email, or line of business applications such as CRM. That’s not the case any longer. It’s now possible to have the full suite of Microsoft applications, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as email, line of business and server room operations all provided by the cloud.

Aside from cost reductions, there are other compelling business reasons for moving to the desktop in the cloud. In the old days, it could take an IT department anywhere up to four days to deliver and provision a new desktop environment for a new hire. With a cloud offering, a new hire can be up and running within twenty minutes using all the applications and desktop environments they are used to.

This gets them up to speed faster, and contributes to the bottom line in meaningful ways.

Using the cloud, the desktop and its associated data are constantly backed up across our two data centres. There’s also a compelling disaster recovery offering should the worst happen and your systems are in some way compromised.

All this happens for a fixed price monthly fee, with updates, backups and recovery all built into a single low price. New software is deployed as it is released, or on demand from the customer, freeing the IT department from the dull, repetitive and costly tasks of maintaining up to date desktop applications and desktop environments. Security is also taken care of, and patches automatically applied, again reducing the burden on the IT department.

There are also great agility benefits that come from a shift to cloud computing. If your business strategy calls for it to bring new products to market, or to quickly and effectively open offices in distant geographical areas, then cloud computing is a powerful technology to help meet these objectives.

At ITonCloud we’re committed to the growth and development of cloud computing, from the desktop and line of business applications through to the server room. We’re also committed to brining the benefits of cloud to as many businesses as possible. If removing IT from the bottom line and freeing up resources for business agility and growth is something that appeals to you, we’d love to have a conversation.