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How cloud impacts productivity and data security

Many industries in Australia are facing an increasing number of challenges and as a result there has been a significant shift in using technology, and in particular, cloud based mobile communications to better enable their workforces.

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Public versus Private Cloud

More and more businesses are moving away from on-premise servers and infrastructure, and instead adopting a total cloud IT environment

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Why private cloud delivers better value than public

At first glance the costs of public cloud can look attractive, but a deep dive has repeatedly shown that when comparing apples with apples, private cloud will deliver better value over the long-term

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Five things to look for in a cloud partner

Moving your technology infrastructure to the cloud becomes an obvious decision when you look at the business case, the cost savings and the benefits it can deliver to improve your competitiveness and bolster the bottom line

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How to share large files from IT on Cloud?

ITonCloud is proud to deliver a world-class hosting platform to our clients and we want to remain proud by continually enhancing our service to you.

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