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ITonCloud in Aged Care In-home Care

ITonCloud has deep industry knowledge to help manage your Aged Care, In-home Care IT systems and applications unique to your sector. We are proud to be working with the leaders in Aged Care.

We have the ability to put your entire IT system in the Cloud, making it simple and easily accessible to your mobile case workers anywhere, anytime, on any device.

The IT challenges for the Aged Care, In-home Care

  • Ability to have mobile access to your Windows desktop from the office, client's homes or remote consulting rooms.
  • Access your Case Management Systems using mobile devices or notebooks.
  • Meet the Australian regulatory and privacy requirements.
  • Quick start up for new office or temporary locations.
  • Predictable cost structure for IT Services.

The ITonCloud solution for Aged Care In-home Care

  • We provide your staff with fast, user friendly and robust IT System with access from any office computer or mobile device.
  • We host all of the most common Case Management and Business applications used in the Aged Care industry.
  • All data is stored in Australia to meet regulatory and privacy requirements including long term backups and data retention.
  • You can scale up or down to meet your business requirements, you only pay for what you use.
  • All support and management is included in the monthly user fees.

We believe every client relationship we have, is built on trust, accountability and a true partnership.
To this we consistently deliver superior service, outstanding value and unprecedented IT performance
unmatched in your industry.

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