Companies today are challenged by the cost, complexity and compliance imperatives of the enterprise version of software applications. Costs continue to increase as IT services spending reached an all time worldwide high at $368 billion in 2008.

New technology integration increases the complexity of application management, while compliance burdens, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, increase the operational risk.

ITonClooud offers an integrated suite of professional services, applications management and infrastructure services within a flexible, pay-as-you-go utility-like cost model.

Experts estimate that for every dollar spent on enterprise software, five or more dollars are spent to run the solution. ITonCloud for Enterprises was created to reduce the overall costs, complexity and compliance efforts associated with managing enterprise software applications.

ITonCloud offers a comprehensive mix of ongoing applications management and infrastructure support services in a variety of delivery models, allowing customers to select the model that best suits their resource requirements and timeline imperatives.

ITonCloud helps customers gain the efficiency of a scalable delivery architecture and variable cost structure for IT services while maintaining the predictability of a fixed price contract. ITonCloud provides the expertise required to deliver reliable and secure enterprise applications so that valuable in-house resources may focus on core business activity.

To sum it up, by using ITonCloud businesses can:

  • Move from fixed costs to a variable but predictable cost model.
  • Avoid costly and long piece-by-piece assembly of enterprise systems.
  • Flexibly scale ‘on-demand’ to meet strategic imperatives.
  • Defer upfront procurement of expensive infrastructure assets and reduce overall IT costs.
  • Automate IT to reduce cost and improve reliability.
  • Pay-as-you-go and avoid upfront investments.
  • Eliminate hourly consultant rates and buy event-based deliverables.